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System upgrade is one of the most common factors that you must consider when you get the experience of a much slower performance of your apple device. The great thing about it is that, you can totally do a lot of things in your control to solve this kind of problem and make the slow down performance a totally reversible one. In order to know the easiest ways you can do to make it work, please read contiuously. More information on Mac OS Sierra on elcapitanslow.com.



Summary of Fixing Mac OS Sierra Slow, :

  1. Opt for Optimized Storage – there is a MAC OS Sierra feature which you can turn on to help you optimize your storage which you can find on Mac>Storage>Manage. One of the important optimization that you must turn on s iCloud optimization.
  2. Make More Room for OS X – there are many unwanted files and data that accommodates CPU space, which mostly came from your recent downloaded app and software in your MAC device. You must consistently clean them up to maintain a good speed of your device, which can be easily done with the help of Clean My Mac 3 software.
  3. Control Files in Your Device – you must consider taking some time to delete blurred images, a game that you just got finished and other documents that is not important to you. You must also turn off notification of messages that contains lots of videos, images and GIFs.


If you would like to know other ways to fix the slow down problem of your Mac OS Sierra, elcapitanslow.com is a website that we highly suggest for you to visit and learn more about fixing the said problem. In order to go directly to the Mac OS Sierra topic.